Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Yeah for Hot Weather!

I decided to pick up Branching Out tonight after a couple of days of ignoring him for Twizzler. I just discovered that we are going to have a heat wave (in the 90s) starting Sunday. I want to finish Branching Out and take advantage of the heat to block the Feather & Fan scarf and Branching Out. I feel a little weird looking forward to being utterly miserable in 90 degree weather with little hope for a breeze but here I am jumping for joy.

I am a bit stymied with my Amazing Lace Challenge. I need a picture of eXtreme Knitting and I can't seem to figure out what would be a good picture. Maybe I will walk around Providence this weekend with my camera and try to feel inspired. Actually, speaking of pictures, if you have any Knitty pattern knitted goods, take a picture of it in a cute artsy way and submit it for the 2007 Knitty Calendar contest. Yeah, I totally became a sucker for KALs and knitting contests this summer. Maybe it is the realization that I am going to grad school this fall and I am only young once? Okay, so that sounds weird to you too, right?

Back to Branching Out and Six Feet Under!


Knitting Television:
Six Feet Under (Season Three, Discs Two & Three)

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