Thursday, June 08, 2006

You and Me and Me and You...

Twizzler and I appear to be getting along fairly well. It might be the fact that I renamed the Sampler Shawl Twizzler, or that after every pattern repeat I double check that everything is okay, or that I am wider awake while working on him than I used to be. Whatever the reason, we are bonding well. I am a little nervous that I didn't buy enough yarn, but since this
is being knit length-wise and not width-wise, I can stop whenever I want. I might skip a couple of pattern repeats and then it will just be a wide scarf and not a shawl.

With the horrible weather New England has been having, I have had no motivation to leave my house and I have been spending my time knitting. After I come home from work, I usually have an hour or two free before my housemates come home. I use this time to sit in my room watching episodes of Six Feet Under and knitting Twizzler. Once my housemates come home, I eat dinner and then pull out the Feather & Fan Scarf to knit while watching tv with them. This weekend I will post pictures of Twizzler (if he continues to behave himself) and the (most likely finished) Feather & Fan Scarf.

Knitting Television:
Six Feet Under (Season Two, Disc Three)
Primal Fear


  1. I totally support nicknaming your shawl. It speaks to the close relationship you must have. The camraderie.

  2. I think Twizzler is going to look great! But don't tell him I said that because it might inflate his ego again :).