Monday, June 26, 2006

Update Monday!

The Amazing Lace
I am finally on pattern #2 for Twizzler! Hurrah! In fact, I am halfway through the first repeat. This pattern is far simpler than the first and I am zooming though it. This pattern is a multiple of 6 stitches instead of 14.

In regards to Challenge #3 for the Amazing Lace, I am slightly stumped. I need to write a poem devoted to Twizzler and I can't seem to think of something. Maybe something will pop into my mind while doing mindless data entry at work.

Other Knitting Projects
This past weekend was an interesting one for knitting projects. I decided to frog a few that I felt that I would never ever finish. I frogged the purse I started over a year ago and the second pink hat I was knitting. I feel relieved. Now I just have Branching Out, Twizzler, Sock (and Second Sock), the turtle, checkered grey scarf, a dishcloth, and a fun fur scarf. I am planning on finishing Branching Out and the dishcloth and then working on the other UFOs.

Oh, did I forget to mention that I am knitting a swatch for the Mystery Stole 2006 KAL? I haven't gotten too far. I am starting row 3 of 30. I am exciting about this KAL, but this is the first time I have knit with lace weight yarn and it is like dental floss! I am at a complete loss for how tiny and skinny this yarn is! The first pattern is going to be given to us on July 7th and so I need to get my act together and finish this swatch.

Summer Reading Challenge 2006
I finished The Lovely Bones this weekend. I enjoyed it, but it is a sad tale, so I was left with almost a bittersweet enjoyment of the book. I am going to pull out a new book out of my suitcase of books tonight. I wonder what I am going to get this time!

Completely Unrelated to Anything
I know this is random, but look at my cute sandal purchase! Florida here I come!


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