Monday, June 19, 2006

Update Monday!

Another Monday, another set of updates...

Twizzler Shawl
Yeah, um, so I wrote an Amazing Lace challenge post about him. That counts, right? ::sigh:: This week, I promise I will work on him.

Other Projects
The Feather & Fan scarf has yet to be blocked. The more I think about it, the more I feel it will be better to wait until I am in Florida to block the scarf. What is the point in blocking a scarf just to smoosh him and have to redo it in a month?

I worked on Branching Out this past week. I am about a third of the way. The scarf has been slow in coming since I do need to pay a certain amount of attention to the project and I have just been plain tired, but I am planning on him in the near future.

I should be honest thought, the real reason that I have been ignoring my two main projects is that I have found a new love: the Rose-of-Sharon hat from Magknits. Isn't it adorable? As soon as I saw it, I had to knit it. Hey, the hat is made from cotton and I must promote cotton knitting. I am really happy with the hat and I am almost done, but as you can see in the picture on the right, I am not pleased with the yarn I chose. I am using handknit cotton from Rowan. If I ever use this yarn again, I am going to wind it, so I can check for knots. In the first ball I used, there was only one knot, but on the second, I had to start and stop three times! The yarn is DK weight and I am afraid that I am going to have these huge bumps from all the weaving I am going to have to do to my poor hat!

I should note that I like the way the yarn knits up and even though I had to frog the hat several times (I would tell you why, but I can honestly tell you that I can't remember, I am living in denial apparently), the yarn still look brand-spanking new. I think I am going to finish the hat, since I am so close to being done and decide what would be the best move: frogging from the second ball or weave in the loose ends the hat.

Summer Reading Challenge
I finished The Woman in White! No more Wilkie Collins for me. I started reading The Lovely Bones and am about a third of the way done. Even though the plot of the story is sad (fourteen year-old girl is murdered), I really like it and I know I will have it finished by the end of this week.


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    maybe instead of weaving ends use the
    Russian join