Tuesday, June 13, 2006

More Lace KAL Fun!

Today I am posting about a very important event. Why is it important you ask? Well the deadline to join is tomorrow, so this announcement is important in an ASAP sort of way. Melanie from Pink Lemon Twist is doing a Mystery Shawl KAL. Every week she will send out the instructions for a part of the shawl. At the end of six weeks, you will have completed half the shawl (or you can knit the two piece shawl simultaneously on two different sets of needles and then graft them together at the end of the six weeks). Since this is the summer of lace, I thought I would tell you guys all about it. Doesn't it sound like fun?

There are tons of other lace KALs happening right now. There is the Knit Your Own Adventure which is happening on the EZasPI yahoo group . It has already started, but the hints are still up, so even if you can't bond with the usergroup, you can still have some fun. How do I know about all these KALs? Well, I got a little over eager at Yahoo Groups last night.

In other news, check out my new knitting bag! The Brown Bookstore was having a sale and I thought it would be the perfect memento from my time at Brown. The picture is the Van Wickle Gates (not to be confused with Van Winkle) in the front of Brown University. This bag is great, because it is canvas and has no zippers or anything to snag the yarn. It is also quite roomy as you can see from this picture. It is currently holding Branching Out and Twizzler and random containers of yarn goodies.


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The Closer
Law & Order
Without a Trace

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