Friday, June 30, 2006

Rhode Island Hospital Is Becoming the MAN!

Sorry for the blogging delay. Rhode Island Hospital has decided to put more web filters on their internet network. I can't read blogs, I can't post to my blog, I can't listen to streaming music or books, and I can't even read my Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley fan fic. What does the hospital expect me to do during working hours? ::sigh:: If you have a blog I regularly post to, expect a little hiatus for the next couple of weeks until I get a more reliable internet source.

Now, what has been up with me for the past couple of days? Well, I got to go to another free concert with VIP service (free food and drinks). This time I went to a Hawthorne Heights and Yellowcard concert and handed out fliers for my marijuana study. Yellowcard was amazing live. There was definitely energy in the air when they came on stage. I ate, drank, and was merry. It was a perfect Thursday afternoon.

In knitting news, I have a few fabulous stories. First, my friend M is moving to Oregon for med school and had to destash and get rid of a few knitting magazines. Guess who the lucky recipient was? I thumbed through the magazines during lunch and found at least one thing in each of the magazines that I want to knit at some point. I really lucked out in the Knitters magazine, because it has the patterns to three of the purses I really liked in their "Purses: A Knitter's Dozen." Now I don't need to buy the book!

While I was looking through these magazines, I also realized that I have been making a consistent mistake in Branching Out. In the Sl2K1psso, I have been slipping the two stitches individually and not together. I started freaking out about this and then I came across an article by Meg Swansen about fussy knitting. I realized that a consistent mistake is a design element and to go with it. The scarf looks great and an extra twist isn't going to make a difference.

Finally, I am totally pumped about tomorrow! I am taking a day trip to Boston. I am going to go to a few yarn stores and do some final stash enhancement before the big trip, check out the MFA, and maybe do something else touristy. I am really excited about taking a day just for me and visiting some of my favorite places. With the weather (finally) getting better, I am in the mood to roam, and Boston is a roaming type of town!


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