Thursday, June 01, 2006

We Can't Be Perfect, Right?

So I have a bit of good news and a bit of bad news. The good news is that when I was getting dinner last night, I ran into E on Thayer Street. Since neither of us was doing anything too exciting, we walked over to Pembroke and knit for a bit. E fixed my knitting! Apparently, I added a stitch towards the end of my row, so we (well E, really) didn't have to tink back that much at all. I was so excited! I even knit a row to celebrate. I decided not to press my luck though and stopped after that row.

Tonight, however, I had a new obstacle. I was a good girl and used my stitch markers. Since the pattern is a multiple of 14, I placed a stitch marker after every 14 stitches. I was so pumped. I decided to forgo the life lines, not because I don't believe in life lines, but I don't have any thread for the life lines. As you can guess, here comes the bad news. I guess I got a bit cocky and in the very last pattern repeat for the row, I made a mistake. I got 13 stitches instead of 14. I cannot win. I have made hats, socks, scarves! I have done cables! Why can't I do this? This isn't my first lace project. I have knit in mohair and tinked back with less aggravation than this! Honestly. My problem at the moment is I can't tink back the sl1 k2tog psso properly. I can see the stitch I need and it is not where it should be. Boo! I WILL conquer you Sampler Shawl!

In more exciting news, I recruited someone for the Marijuana study! Remember how I keep mentioning that I go to a clinic and spend my time knitting? Well, I started working on this study back in October of 2005 and up until yesterday I had yet to enroll anyone into the study. I had screened tons of people, but no one had qualified! Yesterday everything changed though. I ran back to the office and announced it to everyone. My boss didn't share the same joy that I did, but the other reseach assistants were proud of me!

In celebration of recruiting a study participant and in an effort to lift my dampened knitting spirits, E and I are going to Mind's Eye Yarns on Saturday for their 25% off sale. If the weather holds, it will be nice to walk around Boston, maybe hit the MFA, and even knit at the Boston Common. Nothing better than a day spent knitting and museuming. :)


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