Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Happy Day!?

After work today, I raced over the post office. I had promised myself that I would call KnitPicks if my yarn didn't come today. Well, I opened up my mailbox and NO yellow package slip! Since I hate to talk with people on the phone (yes, this is sometimes a problem at work when I have to track participants down by calling everyone they know), I decided to ask my friendly post office workers if there was a package in the back for me and the yellow slip just didn't make it to my box. What do you know! There was a box for me! Someone must have set it aside and had forgotten to label it, because there wasn't a received date written on it. Yea for yarn! Yea for the ball winder!

As soon as I got into my car, I opened the box and feasted my eyes on the beautiful Memories' Redwood Forest merino wool. Isn't the yarn color yummy? It just seems like the perfect color for a folk shawl. It just earthy and perfect. It made me so happy that I immediately went to A Stitch Above to get the needed stitch markers and needles to make this project happen.

I was a little punch happy when I got to the yarn store because not only did I buy the needles (they didn't have any stitch markers that I liked) but also a smaller set of size 3 dpns (I lean in when I knit and I feel like I am going to poke my eye out when I knit my socks on my current size 3 dpns) and Rowan 34 (to make birch later). I decided that I needed the stitch markers tonight too, so I went to Michael's and bought tons of stitch markers. I have a tendency to break them. The woman at A Stitch Above seemed surprised that I could do this. I guess I am stronger than I look.

This is when my day started to not be so great. The first ball I wound was a disaster. The yarn was tangled for an unknown reason on the swift and I had to keep untying knots. The ball came out less than stellar. The second ball didn't get twisted on the swift but the ball is still awful. It doesn't look like the cute balls of yarn I get at the yarn store. My wound yarn looks like little mushrooms. ::sigh:: I tried to rewind the yarn, but I got big knots in the yarn that I was trying to wind and the new ball didn't look any better. I got so frustrated that I put on Ladyhawke (80s movie with Matthew Broderick) that my housemate and I got from Netflix and started reading knitting blogs.

I know I can figure this stuff out but after the sock, which I haven't touched since I grafted the toe, I am starting to feel a little frustrated. Maybe I will make a really long garter stitch scarf. I could even throw in a couple of YOs to give it a lacey look.



  1. Ok, the first few balls you wind will do this. You want to go for an even, consistent turn - not too fast or slow, just something steady you can keep up. Make sure you move the yarn guide to the front (it swivels and snaps).

    When you're using a swift you need to keep your hand on the yarn as it comes off the skein. Let it run through your hand and push back on it just slightly. This will also increase the tension.

    It's frustrating at first, but keeping a steady rhythm and keeping your hand on the yarn as it comes off the skein will make all the difference in the world.

  2. Glad it arrived! It takes a little while to get the hang of, but you'll get it.