Monday, May 29, 2006

Happy Summer!

Today is a very busy day! Two wonderful challenges started today: The Amazing Lace and the Summer Reading Challenge. The summer is officially here and I am off and running! Let's get down to business!

The Amazing Lace:
Things are going well. It might have taken me two days to cast on (401 stitches is a lot!), but I have already knit four rows. According to some quick (and poor) calculations, I only need to knit two rows a day to be finished by Labor Day. Hurrah! This makes the whole project seem less daunting.

Summer Reading Challenge:
I am going to return to The Lady in White and try to finish that in the near future. I have a suitcase full (no joke, that is where I am storing them) of books that need to be read before I move to Florida. If I don't finish them, I will need to bring a suitcase full of books to Florida. We won't talk about the second suitcase full of books, because they are books, I am planning on doing away with before the trip. I am going to do a weekly update about my reading, so as to not clog my knitting blog with it but you can still get your reading fix. :)

Current Projects:
Yesterday was Brown's Graduation. It was so much fun! The alumni march in the Procession and cheer the new graduates on. After the march and the big graduation, I went to the Neuroscience (yes, that is a concentration, here at Brown for undergraduates) graduation for my friend S. and for the free food. I also said hello to my old first-year and sophomore year advisor. I am really glad that I brought the feather and fan scarf, because I ended up knitting during the Neuroscience graduation. It was really long. Even though there were only about 50 graduates, the department felt it was important to list all the accomplishments of every graduate and where they were going. I did learn one important thing though, India is a very popular destination for newly graduated students.


Knitting Television:
Vanity Fair (Reese Witherspoon version)

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