Monday, May 15, 2006

The Knitting Gods Can Hear You!

You know that moment where you start to feel cocky? You feel that you know what you are doing and there is no reason to double check. In fact, you don't even think to double check, because you know what you are doing? I had one of those moments tonight. I finished my very first sock. I made a few mistakes with the grafting but there were not that important. I was so pumped! I finished my first sock! Then, then I put the sock on my foot...

To understand what happened I need to give you some background information. When I made the heel, I used needles 1 and 2 instead of 3 and 4, so I had to make a few adjustments to the pattern (I always want to say recipe instead of pattern, I have no idea why). Mainly, whenever I read "do X to needles 1 and 2," I made sure to use needles 3 and 4 instead. Everything was going fine until I came to the toe. I thought I hadn't moved the marker to compensate for the official needle #1. Apparently I had compensated for it. I didn't even look to see where the waste yarn was at the cuff of the sock. ::sigh::

You might think that this has no repercussions on the sock. You can see the decreases in this picture, they are to the right of the tail. Well, the decreases are on the top and botton instead of the sides. My toes are a little pinched. Luckily, I didn't darn the ends in yet. Part of me wants to darn in the ends and ignore the problem and just never wear the socks. The problem with this scenario is that I like the yarn and I want to be able to wear my first pair of socks! Maybe I will start Second Sock and then redo Sock. This might be a bit extreme, but the heel is a bit too long too. My gauge for back and forth knitting is very different from circular knitting.

Even with all the mistakes though, I am really excited that I was able to knit a sock. My sock might not be perfect, but he is getting there. I will overcome or start on my shawl, whichever seems more entertaining. ;)


PS No, the yarn and ball winder still haven't come. If they don't come by the end of the week, I am going to call KnitPicks. :( Well, at least I will have an excuse to buy some lace weight yarn this weekend for the Icarus Shawl.

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  1. Ah, the "humbling" stage of the project. Not my favorite.

    Rip it and reknit - a toe can be done in an hour, if you have chocolate and are focused. :o)

  2. To my untrained eyes, Sock looks very pretty!

  3. Poor Sock! But I agree with Jen, it won't take long to repair the toe.

  4. Did you know that there is an Icarus shawl KAL?

    We are not alone.