Sunday, May 14, 2006

More Sock!

I worked on Sock a bit this weekend. It seems that now that he is in the running to be a (partly) finished object, I don't seem to want to finish him. Maybe I am still upset about Sock running off with the pirates at Disney? Hmmm....

The first The Amazing Lace challenge has been announced! By June 4th, I need to have a team photo of my lace and me. At the moment this is going to be a bit hard considering my teammate has not arrived, but no matter, I will figure something out. In fact, I might even trade partners before I even start the Sampler Shawl. I saw the Icarus Shawl in the new Interweave Knits and I must have it. I know, I have a commitment problem. The Sampler Shawl and I have barely started seeing each other and I am already looking at other lace projects. At least my swift understands, he doesn't care what I wind, he just wants to spin!

Oh, you might notice that I joined the Knit the Classics KAL and the Summer Reading Challenge 2006. I read a whole book this weekend and it has motivated me to read more books. It doesn't take much to get me on a bandwagon! I am hoping to push myself not only to knit (even though that would make me happy) but read too this summer. I have a feeling I am going to regret not doing things I enjoy before I start grad school and get overloaded with work.


Knitting Television:
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  1. The Icarus shawl is amazing. I ordered the Suri Alpaca in Purple Mountain Majesty to knit it with. I'm still a bit challenged with Branching Out, so clearly I'm delusional to think I can knit Icarus.

    But I must try!