Thursday, May 25, 2006

Spring Is Here!

Ah, Spring has officially come to Providence, RI. The weather was in the uppers 70s today. I didn't spend that much time outside (silly windowless office), but knowing it was warm outside was all I needed. What really topped off the day was when I walked down Thayer Street and the bikers were lining the street with their bikes. You see, once the weather gets warmer everyone with a motorcycle flocks to Thayer Street to show off their bikes to one another and hang out with their friends. At first it is a little curious to see the bikers and the college students mixed together, but the scene grows on you. I will honestly miss it when I move to Florida.

I had a semi-productive evening. I didn't move any more stuff to the sublet. I just couldn't bear to move one more thing. I did wind the yarn for the Sampler Shawl though. The middle one on the far right is a bit smaller because it was one of the balls that I rewound (before I learned how to properly use the ball winder) and it had a big knot about three yards away from the end. Maybe, just maybe, I will actually start this project. There are some comfy couches in my sublet and I can imagine myself curling up on one and knitting while watching reruns in the evening.

Oh! I found the perfect project for this month's Knit the Classics Pride and Prejudice project! At work, I was looking at knitting patterns and came across the knecklace on Knitty. Isn't it cute? I was planning on taking a visit to Michael's for size 5 needles when I realized that the yarn I wanted to use was in the sublet! You might be thinking that I could just get the yarn from the sublet, but that wouldn't be that easy, because all the yarn is packed up and I am not sure which box the yarn is in. :( Maybe I will just pick up something else that could work this weekend. Hmmm....

I worked on the feather and fan scarf tonight. Now that I am not tinking every other row, I am progressing rather quickly. I think I will bring it to Brown's Graduation this weekend. I think it will enjoy the outing.


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  1. Sure you don't want to bring a sock to the inverted sock?