Monday, May 29, 2006

One More Post

Before I post anything, I want you to know that I am not going to start posting three times a day. This is purely survival of the fittest since my home modem is fleeing the scene tomorrow. I will be able to post from work, but it just won't be the same, you know?

Anyway, I wanted to update you on the knecklace, which I neglected to mention in an earlier post today, and to tell you the next sordid tale in regards to my teammate the Sampler Shawl.

I blocked the knecklace this weekend and it came out looking pretty good, as you can see. I did everything according to the pattern and when it is on the ground, it even looks like the picture in the pattern. The problem is when I put the knecklace around my neck, it looks like a clown's collar. It is also too big. That is my fault, since I wasn't in the mood to knit a swatch. lol. When have I ever been in the mood to knit a swatch? I should note here that I have yet to knit a swatch. This may be why I mainly knit scarves.

Part of the problem is that I used Silky Wool when I should have used a 100% wool yarn. Another part of the problem was, in my opinion, was that there were too many loops. If I had to do it again, I would not have dropped as many stitches, but have made larger loops with a k3tog instead. Oh, I would also drop the stitches closer to the end of the project so there were only two or three loops per section. The loops just look really crowded right now. Since I used such a trivial amount of yarn, I don't think I am going to frog it. I am going to attach the clasp and see if it magically gets better.

The Sampler Shawl and I had yet another battle tonight. I put on Sneakers and started my mandatory two rows a night requirement. When I got to the tenth to last stitch (of 401 stitches) of the first row, I realized that I had made a mistake with stitch number FIVE. Surprisingly enough, I tink faster than I knit. Oh, I guess I failed to mentioned that the row I had to knit was *YO, k2tog* the entire way. I like k2tog as much as the next person but when you have to do it 393 times, you get a little tired of it.

In happier news, I really like the way the shawl is knitting up. The colors are nice and I think it will be quite cozy when it is done.


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  1. Ooooohhhh that hurts. No chance you can "fix" stitches 1 to 4 and call it a design element :)?