Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Moving Woes

Phew, this has been a busy week so far. I am in the process of moving my stuff to the sublet. I moved two car loads of stuff and I think two more car loads will do it. Today was an emotionally hard day for me, because I moved my yarn and knitting books to the apartment. Well, I should be honest and say I moved most of it. I kept the Icarus shawl yarn, Sock and his counterpart, my current dishcloth, and the feather and fan scarf. This also required me to keep a couple of my knitting books for reference of course. Oh, did I also mention that I don't want to drop off my needles until the last minute? That is right, my last trip (the one where I move permanently for the summer) will consist of important documents like my birth certificate and my knitting needles. I think I have my priorities straight.

The feather and fan scarf is going well, finally. I went down to a size seven needle and I am much happier with the YOs. They aren't so holey and as likely to catch on things when I wear it. Even after I picked the right needle size though, I had to keep frogging the work, because apparently I can't follow a simple 4 row pattern. I finally tied a string to one needle and now I seem to be making some progress (with no tinking in sight!).

Oh, random entertaining story. I saw my summer landlord yesterday when I was moving my stuff into the apartment. He told me that he wanted to sit down with me for a chat about general security measures (locking doors and whatnot). Keep in mind, this will be the second chat about locking doors and fire extinguishers. When I mentioned this he told me that he likes to have the talk multiple times because even bright people have problems keeping their things safe. What I really wanted to say to this was, "Look, at my office we super glue fake plants to the tables in the waiting room because the FAKE PLANTS have a tendency to walk off. Trust me, I will keep the door locked." I decided that this might not be an appropriate response, so I smiled and said okay. This will be the fifth apartment I have lived in (two sublets and two one year leases) and I have never had the "chat" with any of the landlords.

I promise to post pictures tomorrow. By then, almost all of my stuff will be out of the apartment and I will be less stressed.


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  1. For what's it's worth, I know exactly where my knitting needles are. Birth certificate would take a few minutes (or more) to track down.