Friday, May 12, 2006

Yarn! Why have you forsaken me?

I checked my mailbox today in expectation of my KnitPicks package being there (well, at least a yellow package slip indicating that I have a package). Alas, there was no yarn! I now own a swift and I have no yarn or ball winder! I feel I am living a life metaphor. I am keeping my fingers crossed for tomorrow. Think yarn, everyone!

I have some more entertaining pictures of Sock in Florida. Even my Mom is impressed with this photo of Sock and the UF sign. I would never have come off as photogenic as Sock and get the sign and the fountain in the picture too. When I went to go take the picture, a family was about to take their picture in front of the UF sign. I quickly ran over to the site and said that I was just going to take a quick picture of Sock. Get this! They moved out of the way to let me take the picture first! They didn't even question why I was taking the picture. They must have a knitting gene in their family's makeup.

I also took the obligatory Sock with a gator picture. This was as close as Sock was willing to get to an alligator. Sock didn't care if the gator was fake. He was taking no chances. Sock is excited about the day when I finish knitting him, because it means that I will wear him and he knows that I will try my hardest to keep my appendages away from any and all gators.

I got all deep and philosophical when I was in Florida. I took this picture in St. Augustine. Doesn't this picture make you question your existence? A mermaid is holding Sock. Mermaids don't have feet! Yeah, I know. It makes you think.

I have more but I think I should leave you to your quiet contemplation.



  1. The picture with the mermaid is inspired - especially the way she is looking at the sock.

    I'm sure your yarn will arrive soon.

  2. Love the mermaid.

  3. Anonymous4:37 PM

    Even mermaids need socks! Uh, let me think about what I just said...


  4. What a great photo...but I thought mermaid sock-knitters were only in the old legends! Perhaps there really was something to the stories about unwary sailors lured to their watery doom with promises of warm handknitted garments...

    Good luck with the yarn! I can lend you some to wind if the cravings get really strong :).