Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The Christmas Stocking Cometh...in the Summer

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Tonight was not the most productive evening I have ever had. I got a bit done on my Christmas Stocking, or as I like to think of it My First Sock! It is uncomfortable for me to knit in the round with double-pointed needles. I have already decided though that I am going to make a sock (or stocking) using double-pointed needles, two circular needles, and one circular needle. I want to give each one the benefit of the doubt before deciding on one technique. I feel it will be useful in the long run, so I can convert any sock pattern from one knitting in the round technique to another. So far, I must say, double-pointed needles are not winning the race to my heart.
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I spent a good chunk of time at the clinic today waiting for people to DNKA (did not keep appointment), because waiting for people to show up is just setting the bar too high. One of the nurses told me again that she wanted me to make her something and then said that she would pay for it. Now I don't want to be a knitting snob, but when she says this, it isn't inspiring me to knit for her. I just smile when she says this, and she usually finds a new topic before I open my mouth anyhow. Oh! after working the Whelk pattern dish cloth today, I have decided that it isn't as ugly as before. The colors are starting to swirl a bit more and is slightly more friendly looking. I will not buy this particular color again, but this will still be a decent dish cloth. It will do its job in dignity.


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  1. You'll come around to joy of dpns--once you get rolling it's fun. Addaed bonus: people think it's really complicated and therefore you appear somehow smarter!

  2. Anonymous5:25 PM

    You could always give the nurse the dishcloth...