Tuesday, April 04, 2006

A Real Post!

Since I took an hour-long nap this evening (yes, this evening not this afternoon), I am not tired at all and decided to give you guys a real post as opposed to the random shout outs of before.

I was flipping through the channels tonight and I caught a bit of The Apprentice. I am not a big Apprentice fan, but the challenge was taking place in The Knitting Factory. A few months ago, I decided to read all of Yarn Harlot's blog postings and about a year ago, she stayed in a hotel near The Knitting Factory! I felt her disappointment when I saw the inside the building and there was no yarn but a dance floor instead. :(

The day wasn't all disappointments though, my co-worker E is going to let me wind the Cascade 220 I bought at Fabric Place at her house. I am hoping that this project will prevent me from going out and buying my own swift and winder. I KNOW I shouldn't buy them. I keep chanting "I can't fit a winder and swift in my car" over and over again, hoping against hope that I listen to myself. Maybe I will get them for my birthday. Wait a minute! I could also get myself YARN to go with the swift and winder and since it would be for my birthday, I could go all out. Well, as all out as one can go on a graduate student's budget. Thank goodness for cheap yarn online.


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