Sunday, April 30, 2006

Love Actually... all around us. I am in love. I am madly in love. I have found the love of my life. He makes me so happy and excited every time I see him. This great love inspired me to buy a romance novel after a TWO year hiatus. My love's name is socks. I am in love with socks. I finished my Christmas Stocking on Friday night and cast on a sock on Saturday. The picture doesn't look that impressive, because this my fourth attempt at my socks.

First Try: I tried two circular needles. After knitting a row or two, I got frustrated at trying to figure out which needle to pick up. If I try it again, I will have to buy circular needles that are different colors. I hated having to deal with the four needles, the cast on yarn, and the active yarn. I will have to try the two circular needle technique at a later date with better materials.

Second Try: I cast on for a sock from Nancy Bush's Folk Socks. I like the sock, but I am concerned that my gauge isn't right. I decided to put this sock on the back burner for the moment.

Third Try: I cast on and knit the cuff for the men's large sock instead of the women's medium.

Fourth Try: Current attempt.

I can understand why some people just knit socks or knit socks all the time. When I first cast on, I get all excited that I am starting a sock. Look at me! I am knitting a sock! How cool am I?! By the time the excitement wears down I am knitting the heel and the gusset. By then I am thinking about how exciting it is that I am almost halfway done. Look at me! I am turning the heel! I am picking up stitches! I am Queen of the World! At this point, I am tired of the excitment and need some monotonous knitting. Lucky for me, this is when I get to the foot and there is little thinking for the moment. After I am tired of the monotonous knitting, I get to the toe and then I am done! It is awesome. Plus, socks are easy to transport! ::sigh:: I am in love. Even though my Christmas Stocking is not sized to wear, I had to dance around my room in it to celebrate the making of my first sock-like object!

I must say that I was a very good girl this weekend. I made myself sleep in late on Saturday and then not get dressed until about 5PM, so I wouldn't leave my house and buy a swift and ball winder. I had some amazing coupons for Jo Ann's. I felt guilty about spending $70 on something I don't really need in the near future. When I went to bed on Friday, this is what I wanted to do:
1) Buy a swift and winder
2) Buy the pattern for Birch and three ball of Rowan's KidSilk Haze
3) Buy some yarn on KnitPicks
4) Buy several knitting books

Yeah, this is the reason I decided to oversleep. I was very proud of myself for my "self-control"
so I allowed myself to get Wendy Knits and a romance novel at Borders. The stipulation was that I had to walk to the Providence Place Mall and not use my car. This, this I could do. I also got caught up my email. Sorry for those of you who were waiting for responses! I have been lazy for the past couple of days.

I didn't just sleep this weekend. I started washing my knitted goods. Isn't that lovely? I should have known when the water was colored that the hat would stain the bed, but did I think? Nope. At least, I just stained the mattress pad and not the mattress itself. Note to self: Buy a couple of towels just for washing knitted goods.


Knitting Television:
Anne of Avonlea
Love Actually
The Big Easy


  1. Anonymous10:22 AM

    Congrats on finishing your first sock/stocking! The first of many more to come. :)

    I was the reverse on shopping this weekend. Saturday I resisted buying a knitting book at B&N. Usually I sleep in over the weekend but yesterday I got myself out of bed to hit a big yarn sale. :P

  2. yay for the return of romance! =)

  3. Hooray for stockings! Turning the heel is strangely riveting...I think it's the slipped stitches.