Monday, April 24, 2006

Nobody Knows

I was listening to the Grey's Anatomy soundtrack today while cleaning the 12-month interview data. Yes, it is as mind numbing as it sounds. After all the interviews for a time period are double entered, I get a list of all the inconsistencies between the first and second enterer's data and figure out which answer is right by going through the hard copies of the interviews. The music is the only thing keeping me sane.

Anyway, the song "Cosy in the Rocket" song (Grey's Anatomy's theme song) struck a cord with me. A line in the chorus is "Nobody knows where we might end up." Now, I could use this line to analyze any and all parts of my life from my love life to my work life, but since this blog is about knitting, I will share my thoughts about this line and knitting.

Last night, Theresa and I "commiserated" about moving to warm weather locales. Theresa did point out all the great shells and tanks we can knit in cotton blends and cotton yarn and I kept pointing out that it will be cool in the evenings in both Southern California and North Florida. I cannot believe I have found an amazing way for me to express my creativity and I am stepping away from the much desired cold weather and need for knitted wooly goods to be in Florida. This time next year, I could have been in Binghamton, NY and only a couple of hours away from Rhinebeck, but I chose Florida instead. As a knitter, I wouldn't have guessed that I would have chosen the warm locale. I am sure though that I will continue to knit and I will find ways to continue my love of all things wool while dealing with the warm weather. We might not know were we might end up, but that doesn't mean that the destination won't be right for us.


PS I know people are waiting to see the mysterious present in its final form. I am not sure if it will find its final form. You know how you can be in denial for a real long time? I think it might be time to realize that the color scheme wasn't as faboo as I thought it was.


  1. We used to always vacation on the beaches of the Florida panhandle and I found I needed a sweater for those night time strolls along the shore. The wind coming off the water at night is rather chilly. At least to me it was.

  2. That song gets stuck in my head every week!!
    I live in Louisiana and I can't imagine going from somewhere cold to a hot climate. You are going to have some serious sinus/allergy issues!