Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Easter!

I hope everyone had a lovely day whether they are of the Easter celebratory persuasion or not. My brother R and I went to my housemate's family's house for Easter dinner. I was never a big Easter person and the last couple of Easters I spent at college, since we didn't get the holiday; however spending time with family (even though it wasn't my own, except for R) was quite nice. It was great going on an Easter egg hunt and comparing loot with others.

Image hosting by PhotobucketAs promised, here is the finished Waffle Stitch Dish Cloth. The colors did pool, but in a nice zig zag sort of way. To be honest, I wasn't too psyched about the pattern, but now that I cast off, it is starting to grow on me. Of course, this could be because I am not happy with the Whelk Pattern Dish Cloth I started this weekend. The pattern doesn't look like it does in the 365 Stitch Pattern Calendar. I am doing the pattern properly, but the yarn I am using just isn't making it so far. I am going to keep going, because I am hoping that the coloring will do a nice zig zag like the other dish cloth did and suddenly make it pretty.
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You can't see the whole thing in this picture, but you see what I mean? This is the front and the color pattern is just one big mess. I will work on it tomorrow and then make my decision.
BTW, I saw "Thank You for Smoking" this weekend and it is amazing! Go see it. It is funny and clever until the end.
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