Sunday, April 09, 2006

Yarn Jonesin'

This has been quite a productive weekend! On Saturday I made my car official. I got my car inspected and it is supposedly nice and safe until April 2008. Of course I am going to have to get in reinspected in August when I move to Florida. ::Sigh:: While waiting FOUR HOURS to get my car inspected, I hung out at the Seven Star Bakery reading Knit Lit the Third and working on my textured scarf. Even though it was insane amount of time to wait for a little inspection, it was really nice to sit and read and knit. I seem to be rushing from one place to another or multi-tasking at least five different things, so it was a wonderful experience to just concentrate on one task at a time.

After I got my inspection sticker, I went to my friend E's house and wound some yarn. Isn't it pretty? You can't really tell from the picture, but there is a central red wine color with flecks of other reds and pinks interspersed. It is the Cascade Quatro that I got on sale last week. I am not sure what I am going to do with it just yet, so I am going to let it stew a bit in the stash. Hmmm, maybe a pair of mittens or a pair of house socks?

After reading Mason-Dixon Knitting, I started jonesin' for some Peaches & Cream yarn. (Do people actually "jones" for things anymore? I work with substance abusers and I have never heard them use the term.) I bought some cotton yarn to work on a dish cloth. Yes, a dish cloth. I don't even use dish cloths, but I needed to make some. In fact, I feel the need to make multiple dish cloths. Dish cloths in multiple colors and in different stitch patterns. Since I don't use dish cloths, I am going to have to find people to give them to. You better watch out if your birthday is coming up, because they might be coming your way! ;) You have to admit, though, they are pretty cute. Here is my first one. By the way, the best part about this project is that I had to kick the textured scarf off these needles to make the dish cloth (that is why the scarf is pictured on a double-pointed needle and is all scrounched up).

Oh! Check out this button that I got on Good to Be a Girl's blog. Grey' Anatomy, is one of the shows I must watch every week. I was so excited that Meredith and Izzie were knitting. I must say that I find it comforting when the books I read and the shows I watch knitting. It is somehow quite comforting. I know somehow that everything will work itself out, because the main characters knit. For example, I know that the Weasley family in the Harry Potter books will make it out okay in the last book, because Mrs. Weasley knits her family sweaters. :)


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  1. Don't knock dishcloths until you try them - they work way better than sponges if you have enough that you only use them for one day. Way less germ potential.

    BTW, I have the first season of Gray's on DVD if you're interested ;) Want to hang out and knit sometime soon? We could go to 7 stars. I love that place.