Tuesday, April 25, 2006

My 15 Minutes of Fame...well sort of

OMG! I am on the Yarn Harlot blog! Okay, she didn't talk about me, but I am in two of the group shots at Grafton! Hey, this is my 15 minutes of fame, work with me here. If you are curious, I am the girl in the black jacket and green scarf.

In regards to the mysterious present, I will post pictures later tonight or tomorrow. I decided to give my housemate a coupon for a knitted good, because the mysterious present is ugly as sin. Now, it is cute in an ugly as sin sort of way; it is ugly as sin in a hilarious way (I broke into tears of laughter after seeing all the pieces put together). Is it ugly in a way that I can still get away with giving it to the person I am sharing the last month of this house with? No, S deserves something that she can show other people without breaking out into laughter. I am sure that S would appreciate the gesture, but, yeah, a little frightening.

I haven't gotten any farther with my Christmas Stocking. I haven't had to go to the clinic to recruit and I have been spending my evenings looking for apartments in Gainesville. ::sigh:: I thought the stress was over, but noooo, now I have to worry about moving. blah.


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