Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Picture Time!

I worked on the Christmas Stocking tonight. I turned the heel! I am so pumped, now I just need to pick up those stitches and then I am home free. Well, I am home free once I bind off, but that is just a detail! I hope.

While knitting this stocking, memories of reading the American Doll books came rushing back. In one of Molly's books, the girls in her class decide to knit socks for the soldiers. Molly hates to knit socks, so she collects scrap metal instead. She tells her teacher that turning the heel is hard (such a lie, it is really easy). Once all the girls get to the heel part, they agree with Molly and turn their leggy socks into a blanket. I always bought this idea until now. How did they turn tubes into flat squares for a blanket? Were they knitting socks flat? Craziness.

I also wanted to show you the turtle (aka Mysterious Present). S loved it, but I told her I am knitting her something else with a better color scheme to complement the turtle. I just need to sew the legs, tail, and head to the body. It shouldn't take too long, but I am not sure how to attach them just yet. I will have to read up on various seams.


Knitting Television:
CSI: Miami
Sex & the City (Charlotte knit in this episode! The girls went to Atlantic City.)


  1. A little more stuffing, and that turtle will be too cute!

    Love the heel- congrats - a major knitterly milestone!

  2. A blanket with leg holes could be fun... you wouldn't have to worry as much about the blanket sliding off.

  3. Awesome! He looks just like Filbert. =)