Thursday, April 06, 2006

I Heart Bloglines

In between doing mountain loads of data entry and attempting to recruit participants for a marijuana study, I signed up for Bloglines. Oh my god, this is so amazing. Now, I don't have to click my favorites incessantly, waiting for people to update. Bloglines checks all of the blogs I read for me. I know this sounds like a total infomercial, but I am a true believer in Bloglines. JenLa was totally right in giving it an award. ***Total plug for my blog***Subscribe to my blog using Bloglines! Just click the link on the left under the archives list.***Total plug for my blog***

In other news, I learned how to do a cable cast-on and started the Cable and Rib Cap from the Knitting: Pattern-a-Day 2006 calendar. It is going well, but I am nervous that I am knitting too loose. I know that EZ really pushed knitting loosely over knitting tightly, but I don't want a hat that falls off my head. Maybe I should have knit a swatch first. Yeah, that might have been a good idea, but from my eyeballing of what I have so far, it looks okay. We shall just have to see what happens.

My co-worker E called the yarn store in Grafton, MA for the Yarn Harlot book signing and we might not be able to go! We are currently on the waiting list. The owner isn't sure if she wants just a book signing or a sit down thing. I should note that the sit down thing can only accommodate 20 people! Keep your fingers crossed for us, because if we can't go, we might drive to Northampton, MA to see her. If you (yes you) ever write a book, come to Providence, RI. We are a happy state. Actually, now that I think about it, come to Gainesville, FL too, so I can take advantage of the book signing as well.


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