Tuesday, April 04, 2006

A Mixed Bag Day

Today wasn't such a great day. A bunch of bad things happened at work and then as I got more and more upset, I started thinking about other things that were upsetting, so by the afternoon I was thoroughly upset and cranky. Being sleep deprived probably didn't help things either. Luckily in the afternoon, I got to do my data entry alone in the large conference room and I had time to cool off.

A few good things did happen today though. My co-worked E and I might go to Grafton, MA to see the YARN HARLOT at her book signing. I am so star stuck. I was skipping around my house this afternoon and giggling like a maniac. I have already started planning what I am going to knit when I go! Plus, I watched a brand new episode of NCIS and House. The episode of House even included Buffy's "sister" on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I felt bad that she is still playing the teenager though.

Let me see, what else happened today? I got an appointment for a car inspection this weekend. I am honestly pumped about the prime knitting time I am going to have while waiting in a nearby cafe while my car gets checked out. Is that weird?

Hmmm, what else would you be interested in hearing about? Oh, you might want to know that I finished something. It wasn't that big of a deal. Small project. What is it? MY HARRY POTTER SCARF!!! Finished it during NCIS and then darned ends while watching House and did the tassels while watching Sex & the City. Here are some pictures of the night's saga.

These are just some of the million and one ends I had to weave in so the entire scarf didn't fall apart. This scarf alone has turned me off to intarsia. No one should have to weave in hundreds of ends. No one.

After the crazy ends were finished, I got to work on the tassels. Here is the first side that I did. I know that they are not even, but I think it gives the scarf character. Plus, there is a reason I don't cut my hair. I would definitely continue to trim until there would be no tassels left.

Finally, here is the final product. I am so excited that it is going to be cold tomorrow, because now I can show it off at work! It was a long and hard project mainly because of the monotony, but I am happy that I finished it. Now I also know that I have the steam power to do a sweater or any other large project. I probably knit a sweater with the four hanks of Cascade 220. ::Happy Sigh:: It is done.


P.S. The Knitterati, The Knitting Path, and Proud to Be a Yarn Addict webrings should be working.

Knitting Television:
Sex & the City

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