Friday, April 14, 2006

Deep Sea Fun!

Last night my brother flew in from PA to visit me for Easter. We spent today going to Boston for some big city fun! We spent most of the day at the New England Aquarium, later we saw Deep Sea 3-D, and finally popped over to Windsor Button to stroke the yarn.

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Aren't the jellyfish beautiful? They are so delicate yet (some of them) are quite dangerous. While walking through the jellyfish exhibit, though, I noticed that there was very little information about the creatures near their tanks. In fact, throughout the aquarium you were lucky to find out more than the creatures scientific names and common names. I guess people are not inclined to read the information, so museums and aquariums don't post as many educational materials as before. If academic institutions are expecting people to be just looking for a quick cultural fix though, they could at least let visitors associate the exhibits with other popular culture paraphernalia. For example, in the jellyfish exhibit, the aquarium could have pointed out which species was the one that Dory and Marlin encountered in Finding Nemo. I would have been interested to know.
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I have to give major props to my brother. He didn't bolt when I took some pictures of dish cloth at the aquarium. Dishy really liked the fish. This was my first time photographing my knitting in a public place and it was great! Now, I am going to have to bring a small project on all my outings. I don't like getting my picture taken since I am not photogenic. I am not being modest here; it is a fact. Now, though, my knitting can take my place in vacation pictures.

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While walking around the New England Aquarium, my brother R and I overheard some fabulous comments. Young girl: "Are these (the fish) real?"; Middle-aged woman while observing the fish in the giant fish tank in the middle of the aquarium: "The fish probably think they are swimming." Isn't that classic? Of course, she meant swimming in the ocean, but I like to think she didn't. After hearing several comments like these (I heard two people ask if the fish were real), I wanted to just start talking about fictional underwater creatures and loudly commenting on the amazing animatronics. How do they make those jellyfish look so lifelike? ;)

Oh, you want to know about Windsor Button? I got three balls of Lion Brand Kool Wool in a burgundy color (it was on sale), Chibi tapestry needles (I have the Chibi jumbo needles and looooove them), and a row counter for circular needles. It was a pretty quick trip, since R was pacing back and forth the whole ten minutes we were there. They had Mission Falls and Cherry Hill Farm (I think that is the name of it) and I am kicking myself that I didn't pick some up. Oh well, maybe on another weekend.

In regards to the dish cloths, I finished the one in the above picture and am working on another one. I will post pictures later.


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